Curriculum Time!

OK, so I’ve decided on what curriculum I want to use for Kindergarten.  While I researched all the resources out there (there are a TON..really…a TON) I realized some of the seasoned homeschooler’s would have different companies provide curriculum for different subjects and a few even made their own.  While this sounds lovely, I am guessing they knew to be that specific because they had experience and really knew their child’s best way to learn. So, to make the first year as easy and successful as possible I decided to do one main curriculum that covers every subject.

I chose:”

Levi and I both liked what this curriculum offered, and that every subject was included.  I think, for the first year, the more simple the better.  However,  I am adding a couple extra classes because they are of particular interest to Ayden and I just liked them. I may not use them, I may use them all- I have no clue (but that’s what is great)! For bible class we are doing Grape Vine Studies- they use stick figures to teach the stories of the bible!  The kids draw stick figures as well, and so do I!  I thought it looked awesome.  You can find more about it here:

For Art Class I really like this by Erica at “Confessions of a Homeschooler.”  It’s free, and looks super interesting!

And for US History and Geography I am using Erica’s USA Road Trip Curriculum!

I really suggest looking at all these, for you if you are considering homeschooling or if you just love the kids and want in on what they will be studying (well..Ayden atleast).  Can’t wait to get all my supplies and organize everything!

And on a sweet/fun note:  I noticed today that Ayden loves teaching Michaiah things, like how to pet the dog.  I hope, as we homeschool, Ayden keeps enjoying being a tutor (per say) to M, and also realizes how well you can LEARN by teaching.  I know I”m learning a heck of a lot and I haven’t even started lol!

Next up on the to do: technology. We have the Nook Color and they have a ton of resources as well.  Levi and I will be researching the best tablet resources, and what kind of things we might need to get in the near future.  Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Curriculum Time!

  1. Oooo I cannot WAIT to see how it turns out!! You must tell me everything as you go! SO cool!!!

  2. Hi Beth🙂 –
    My sweet friend Kelly sent me your link and I am soooo grateful she did! I also have two boys. Grant is 5 and Gabe is 3. I’ve been considering homeschooling for about 3 years (since the oldest was 2). Grant was in preschool last year and is in Pre-K this year at a local church. And I believe next year we are going to send Gabe to pre-K so I have time to figure out my routine. The younger one is my strong willed child and I already know they learn and relate differently. I figure I’ll give myself a break and start with the one that’s more willing to bend and train him so I can tackle the stronger one the following year. The plan is we will begin in the fall and I think we are going to use My Father’s World as well. Several of my friends use it and I have had the opportunity to sit with them and look over the material and I think I am really going to enjoy it.

    Just wanted to let you know, I’m going to be stalking you from now on. I am thinking of starting my own blog (You’ve inspired me!) And your post from January 23rd is dead on how I feel and what’s been going through my head as well.

    • Wow, thank you so much April!! I’m just so speechless and humbled. I am also super excited to be sharing this journey with you!!!! I think community (in aby form) is so important, and I’m soo clueless on how this will all go….so to know you’ve looked over MFW and that you will be starting too is awesome! And you should TOTALLY start a blog. I would LOVE to read someone else going through the same journey at about the same time.

      And I hear you about the strong willed child- Ayden is very strong willed and a bit OCD. And I’m not. It’ll be….interesting to say the least lol!!!

      • Hey Beth, was just reading over your blog and realized you commented back (oops) I finally started my blog:😉 I think we have decided we’re going to keep both our boys home next year. We were going to send the little one to pre-k but we haven’t decided yet.🙂

      • Yay!!!! So excited, looking at your blog….NOW!

  3. This is great! Thank u for sharing the links and ideas… I m seriously thinking about spending most of the summer doing a partial kindergarten homeschooling session. And then continuing strong with madelynn thru the school year while sylus is in kindergarten. We shall see!🙂

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